It's now....or never...

Okay, I'll have to admit...I'm such a chicken about this blogging stuff. But! I'm determined to try it again! I'm planning to make a "valiant effort" not to bore you...lol.

I'll start off by sharing a few pictures I took last weekend. We went to tidepooling with my boys science lab class. It was so much fun. We found and saw small fish, hermit crabs, and mussels. But the most exciting finds were the many colorful star fish, the baby spiny lobster, and baby octopus. Wow, I didn't know what we had right in "our own backyard."

For you locals interested in visiting... "Table Top" is located in Cardiff at South Cardiff State beach. There are some more super low tides coming up on Thanksgiving weekend and Christmas weekend as well. You can check out this website, if you'd like more information on the tides.