First newborn of the year...

Well, this little fellow is Baby Boy T. He was born on New Year's Day! Isn't that neat-o? This little guy is a bit special to me, as I had the privilege of witnessing his arrival. (His mama is also a dear friend of mine!) Hope you like them, my friend!


Double the fun!

Now, you can't tell me that these babies aren't the cutest! They are just 8 weeks old, but were born 8 weeks prematurely, so they are tiny!

This is my first set of twins, and I must say it was trickier than I thought it'd be! I did this session with my photog buddy Tara and as soon as we'd get the first baby asleep, the second would wake up! I think we got some good shots despite the babies' antics! Enjoy!


Sweet Baby A...

Boy this has been a busy baby season. I am so behind on posting here but I'm really going to try harder to stay on top of things! Thank you for being patient with me as I proof your sessions. I am experiencing the growing pains that come with having a new photography business.

So anyways! Here is a sneak peak, in a storyboard, for this beautiful family I got to photograph today! Baby A was a gem. She was alert and awake when she got here and then fell asleep for some sweet sleepy shots as well. I was so happy to see you again, Josh and Janelle. Thank you for sharing your sweet girl with me for the morning! She is a doll! I will email you with a password when I have your proofs ready to view!

I had to come back and add a favorite!