Can you believe....

that I won a contest with this image?! hehehe!

Kylie Banks of Phaunt Actions is always doing fun and crazy stuff on her blog and this time I decided to join in on the craziness...lol! It was a photo scavenger hunt for something scary, favorite breakfast food, a bottle of water, a pair of shoes, and toilet paper wrapped around a living being's head! The only catch was that all the items needed to be in one photo!


Melissa Koehler said...

That is so cool! Congrats. What did you win?

angela brisby, a.k.a. josh's loving wife said...

Just came across your blog. Such great pictures! I think I'm gonna try to talk Josh into using your services for our upcoming arrival =)

Cristina said...

I'm sorry, gals! I just "found" your comments...I never got an email! weird.

Melissa, thanks! I won a gift certificate for the Phaunt Actions store! woo-hoo!

Angela, Thank you!

Familia Bosch-GarcĂ­a said...

Well!!! You have a new blog!!!
I love your photos, when can you come to Spain and take some of Ruben and me, pleeeease!!!!
I was so sad we couldn’t make it to LA, but I hope we can go and visit you all next year. Can we go to your house?? :)

I hope everything is going great!
Lots of Love


Cristina said...

Bianca, Of course you can come to my house...anytime! I hope I don't have to wait till next year! I would LOVE to take pictures of you and Ruben! I hope we can visit again soon. We miss you! :)