The arrival of baby girl "L"

Life is a precious gift from above. And there is nothing quite like witnessing new life. To watch her first breath, to see her look in her mommy's eyes and then nursing for the first time.

I've had the privilege of delivering four babies of my own but will never tire of this miracle of life. It was truly an honor to witness this little one's birth and to be able to capture it on "film." Thank you John and Maggie for sharing your lives with me for a few hours.

She's here!

John was an amazing support to Maggie throughout the whole labor. Their love
for one another was so evident. They worked so hard together and they were rewarded with a healthy baby girl.

Another smile...

She kept sticking her tongue out in those early minutes; I had to capture it!

Maggie's midwife Marianne was absolutely wonderful. I look forward to working with her again soon! (She's weighing the baby in case you wondered.)

"Miss. H" getting to see her baby sister for the first time...

(My little secret: I just do this thing they call photography so I can hold the fresh babies!)

Back in Mama's arms...


Jen Graham said...

Cristina these are gorgeous! Thank you for capturing Baby "L"'s arrival!

Natalie said...

And you... lucky!

Just Me said...

Beautiful baby... delightful pictures, especially "another smile."
I can see why you love doing this!

Just Me said...
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