Whoopie pie, fresh bread...Mmmm!

Oh boy...the treats we had tonight! Our dear friend Karen brought "Pumpkin Whoopie Pies" she baked. YUM! What a great fall treat. They were "delish." The girl can bake...I love it! Oh, and did I mention she has another special skill? Okay, I'm letting you off the hook for now, missie...but more on Karen soon. I promise. I know this girl is gonna be on the Wheaties box one of these days soon! (hint)

Now our buddy Mark is quite the master at bread, we've discovered tonight. He made two beautiful loaves of bread...there's no other way to describe it. The bread was soft and chewy on the inside and the outside was...oh, it was truly artisan bread. I must say I'm impressed; I'm thinking a "bread workshop" is in order! My mouth waters again just thinking about it!

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