Beautiful Baby "E"

Have I mentioned how much I love doing this?! Each of these new little lives is a miracle from God: it's truly a privilege to capture moments from their first days!

This little baby girl was just 9 days old yesterday, and such a sweetie. She slept "like a dream" and we got lots of great shots of her. I'm still proofing her session but here is a quick sneak peek for her mommy and daddy.


Melissa Koehler said...

Very cute pics!

Just Me said...

What a wonderful keepsake for Baby E's mommy and daddy. Nice work!

Natalie said...

I believe I do recgonize Baby E... and felicidades to her parientes!
The new blog looks great. Congratulations on your beautiful photography... I see a rising star!

Life with Littles said...

nice blog christina. i enjoyed the pics. thanks again for doing baby j.